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Andersen's magical world turned into a museum in Denmark

Denmark's Hans Christian Andersen Museum is officially opening to the public following its opening last June, with architecture by Kengo Kuma and Associates . Organized as a garden labyrinth, the museum is shaped as a cluster of curved volumes. Visitors are invited to explore these intermediate parks, which open to the public in the fall. The newly opened 'HC Andersen Hus Museum' thus presents a 'fantasy world' to Odense in memory of the writer born in 1805.



When designing the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, the architects at Kengo Kuma & Associates (KKAA) built the author's fairy tale stories, in a sense, in this space. In Andersen's story The Tinderbox, a tree magically reveals an underground world that opens up new perspectives for the viewer. The museum was designed in a similar way. All exhibition areas are located underground, just like in the magical story.

Kengo Kuma, who worked with Cornelius Vöge and MASU Planning on the project, said: "The idea behind the architectural design was reminiscent of Andersen's way of transforming a small world into a larger universe."


A journey between the 'real world' and the 'fantasy world'

In this area, the visitor travels through sinuous gardens, which are constantly surrounded by trellised skins and labyrinth-like hedges. The translucent walls separating these two worlds suggest a soft and vague division, much like in Anderson's stories.

Other stories shaped as a museum space include “The Little Mermaid” and “Thumbelina”. An exhibition space is disguised as a pool of water that visitors can occupy below and view from above. Meanwhile, Giant's Garden is adorned with oversized plant life, as if visitors have shrunk.


project: HC Andersen's House Architecture: Kengo Kuma and Associates | @kkaa_official Location: Odense, Denmark



What do the 22 fall/winter trends tell us?

The fashion industry, which is still in the throes of the pandemic, discussed the concept of “living again” in a statement published after Miuccia Prada's fall/winter 2022 fashion show. The fashion show, which also included the Russian-Ukrainian war, made its way through holding on to life at all costs.



Giorgio Armani quietly performed his show in Milan as a sign of respect. Here, many brands, large and small, donated to those affected by the war and talked about the importance of creativity in the face of autocracy. After thinking about canceling the Balenciaga show, he decided that "canceling this show would mean giving up", recasting it as an act of resistance. This comment was particularly strong given that the designer had to flee his homeland of Georgia in 1993 at the age of 12 and then sought refuge in Ukraine.

Other points mentioned for autumn were gender fluidity, sexual attractiveness, and body positivity.


The biggest fashion trend of the fall/winter 2022 collections?

The 22 winter collections have taken their place in trends as the return of well-designed clothes that can be worn anytime, anywhere. We see that athletes who rarely attract attention, but Prada, Bottega Veneta and Loewe are seen as the center of emergence and trends, are on the rise in the next season. Skirts were combined with long boots, flying jackets were combined with oversized blazers and metallic colors with everything from mini skirts to latex boots, from loose cords to sneakers. In addition, the suits and white collar clothes worn in companies are getting ready to go out, transparent and tight-waisted trousers are with us again...

What we want to add as Slush Jobs is; Of course, fashion, which is a part of design and life, has to say something! But the creation and realization of a cleaner industry gains momentum with the action of the brands that lead the trends in fashion shows. More sustainable fabrics and methods, at more affordable prices, will really get fashion where it needs to be.



Survivors by Alex Schulman

Survivors , where we are faced with an extraordinary narrative, is one of the extremely harsh and dramatic narratives of Scandinavian literature. In the story, which is told in a plain and warm language, we see the ordinariness and the drama intertwined and absorb it with a fluid language. The story, which deals with the unhappiness that the parents are alcoholic and the children try to live around them, is fictionalized in a way that one part is in the present and the other part is in the past. In the book, we observe how the brothers are tied to each other with invisible threads and how they hide their bleeding wounds from each other or cannot hide them from each other as we watch how those invisible threads wear out their bodies without breaking.



Alex Schulman's book is worth reading, it contains deep emotions. It was translated into Turkish by Timaş Publications .



As the 41st Istanbul Film Festival comes to an end

Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), Turkey's largest international cinema event, Istanbul Film Festival, was held for the 41st time this year. We are in the last two days of the festival, which will meet with its audience between 8 - 19 April.



The 41st Istanbul Film Festival returned to the cinemas with many events ranging from the most successful examples of Turkish and world cinema to interviews with star actors and master directors. The program of the festival consisted of 135 feature films and 22 short films, including the latest examples of world cinema, cult works, the latest films by master directors, new discoveries and hidden treasures. Films of 164 directors from 43 countries under 14 sections met with moviegoers at the festival. In addition to film screenings, talks, concerts and special events with the participation of guest directors and actors took place. Screenings were held in seven halls in total: Atlas 1948 in Beyoğlu, Beyoğlu Cinema, Pera Museum Auditorium, CineWAM Premium+ City's (Hall 3 and Hall 7) in Nişantaşı, Kadıköy Cinema in Kadıköy and Kadıköy Municipality Cinematheque/Cinema House.

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