Sustainable designs and the world of fashion

Sustainable designs and the world of fashion

The world of fashion is a dynamic organism that changes and transforms due to its nature. Especially during the pandemic process, the path of the fashion world quickly turned to such designs as expected.

The textile industry, where digitalized world tools are used extensively, witnessed the dystopian collections of big players in the past winter and summer seasons. Of course, it cannot be said that the communities did not go unanswered. An undeniable issue is that despite the negative impact of all this confusion and social turmoil on fashion, the trends still go to the direction it wants.

Our favorite part of this year was the fashion industry and the efforts of its spokespersons around the world to draw attention to sustainable designs. Many big brands made productions with the recycling method. We would like to add that this kind of production is not very easy for boutique companies and the financial burden is a bit annoying. Because these processes in the textile industry can be financially challenging. We send greetings to all boutique brands that find their way and work in this direction . It doesn't matter more or less, such initiatives make us very happy...

It is the effort of all of us to place the subject of recycling or sustainable or healthier production in every aspect of life, from luxury to ordinary.

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