What lies behind the growing interest in designer t-shirts?

What lies behind the growing interest in designer t-shirts?

Design is a concept that we encounter in every aspect of life and reflects functionality in every sense from idea to product. This is also the case when we think about fashion. From past to present, fashion design has changed and transformed according to trends, societies, economies and many other things. So why have designer t-shirts become so popular and preferred in the last 10 years?

In fact, fashion design is a design that includes both graphic design and printing, as well as other technical details such as molds and fabrics. But of course, its impact on an individual's life is not only limited to this. It can vary according to every field from ideals to governments, from emotional and spiritual state to business life. Although we will cover these details in our other articles as it is a long-term adventure, there are a few things we need to see and will always say:

Fashion trends evolve and take form according to the cultural life of communities, the aesthetic understanding of the global world, social experiences and global events... Just as today's hoodie was originally designed to protect cold storage workers from the cold, and then reached its current form through a long and eventful adventure, everything that has become an icon has a similar evolution. Not forgetting that there is a popularity and resistance it creates. All these issues are of course deep topics of fashion and culture industry, but if we go back to why designer t-shirts have been preferred more in the last few years:

The design t-shirt is a revolutionary stance that stands in the way of people and brands that have a say in the fashion industry by producing according to the fast fashion understanding, perhaps like the hoodie... Especially like a movement of designers who go beyond what the industry determines with their own stories and illustrations around the world... Individuals have turned to design t-shirts to get out of the molds of fast fashion brands and to feel the new and different. In addition, designer t-shirts have become a style that both eliminates gender concepts and provides comfort. Of course, in this changing world, comfortable clothing preferences gave birth to an alternative to stylish clothing. This is how the interest in design t-shirts developed. Of course, as always, fast fashion brands caught this trend, transformed it and presented it to the consumer again. But this interest in more original design-oriented products is still not over...

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