Fashion and the concept of genderless products

Fashion and the concept of genderless products

The world of fashion is a world where, in addition to sectoral inequalities and certain damages caused to the world, there are also those who continue their lives with other ideals and shining stars in this industry...

In our opinion, the trend towards genderless products, which has gained momentum especially in the recent period and which we enthusiastically support and sing songs about, serves as a very beautiful gateway for individuals to express themselves in this sense. Because we argue that fashion is transgender as well as interdisciplinary. We support the idea that colors and styles are unique to individuals and that bodies should not be categorized. In fact, since we see that fashion, which fills a cultural space, can shape ideas, we think it is very enjoyable to continue its life as a form of expression.

We have come across the issue of identification such as class, male/female, peasant, urbanite since time immemorial, especially in the fashion industry. As a tool used in the transition to social life, this process can be seen in the dress codes of nobles, women, men, religious people, workers, or in the colors they should use. However, everyone, including the fashion industry, is aware that today, with the contribution of time and changes in social life and forms of governance, inclusiveness, rights-oriented and egalitarian attitudes, concepts such as body perception or class distinction have been turned upside down. Of course, although we have not yet fully overcome the situations categorized by fashion, we know that at this point, styles resist the sector with personal wishes and affect change.

As Slush Jobs, we embrace our genderless products especially for this reason and support the change in this sense with our designs and productions...

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