Terms Of Service 

1. SELLER Information:
Title: (hereinafter referred to as SELLER) Slush Jobs B.V.

Address: Amsterdam
Email address: hey@slushjobs.com

Website Address: www.slushjobs.nl
2. BUYER Information:
Name / Surname / Title: (Hereinafter referred to as the BUYER)



E-mail address: (RECIPIENT'S e-mail ADDRESS)
3. Subject of the Contract:
This contract covers the shopping made over the internet between the SELLER and the Customer (BUYER), and both parties are deemed to have accepted the terms of this contract. The BUYER accepts in accordance with the provisions of this contract that he has knowledge of the basic characteristics of the goods subject to sale, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions, etc. and declares.
4. Receipt of the order:
The customer will place all of his orders through the website on the internet and the address specified above. Even if, for any reason, the SELLER is contacted by telephone or any other means of communication, it is essential that the order be completed over the internet. The information entered during the order will be recorded by the SELLER and will be the activities of the sale.
5. Contract Date:
6. Delivery of the Goods, Place of Performance of the Contract and Delivery Method:
The goods will be delivered to the address requested by the BUYER by the courier company chosen by the SELLER. The shipment of the products will be provided by the logistics companies known within the Republic of Turkey. If it deems necessary, the SELLER may have its own personnel dispatch the product. When the products are delivered to the BUYER completely during the delivery, the BUYER is obliged to check and receive the products delivered to him and to sign the sales invoice or delivery note or the product installation service form indicating that the delivery has been received. When the mentioned documents are signed by the BUYER, the BUYER accepts that he has received the products of the order in full.
7. Delivery Costs and Performance:
If the SELLER has declared on the website that the delivery fee will be covered by those who shop above the amount declared on the website, the delivery cost belongs to the SELLER. Otherwise, the shipping cost will be borne by the BUYER. delivery; It is done as soon as possible after the cost of the goods is transferred to the SELLER's account. The SELLER has to ensure that the product is delivered to the BUYER within 30 days, which is the legal period. Within this period, it reserves the right to extend the period of additional 10 (ten) days with written notification. (In practice, the delivery time is 3-4 working days on average. However, the delivery is committed within 30 days, which is the legal period.) For the delivery of the goods subject to the contract, the price of this contract must be paid in the form of payment preferred by the BUYER. The SELLER will make the product cargo shipments with the contracted cargo companies. If delivery is requested with different cargo companies, the shipping fee will be fully borne by the BUYER. If the customer has a request in this direction, he must submit this request to the SELLER in writing.
8. Payment Transactions:
When the customer completes his order online, he will be presented with payment options to choose from. The customer will choose the most suitable one among these options and continue his transactions in this way. Orders that have not sent the payment within 24 hours after placing the order are canceled and the SELLER is deemed to be released from the obligation to deliver the goods. Customers who send payment via Bank Transfer or EFT must fill in the “Remittance Notification Form” and forward it to the SELLER. The SELLER is authorized to change, increase, decrease or remove the payment options in the future. The SELLER is obliged to protect the information provided by the Customer for payment purposes.
9. SELLER's Statements and Commitments:
The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contracted goods in a sound, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and with warranty documents and usage. If the contractual goods are to be delivered to a person or organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person or organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery. For justified reasons, the SELLER may supply the BUYER with the goods of equal quality and price before the expiry of the contractual performance period. If the SELLER cannot fulfill its contractual obligations, claiming that the fulfillment of the goods or services subject to the order has become impossible, it shall notify the consumer of this situation before the contractual performance obligation expires. It returns the price paid and all documents that put it under debt to the consumer within 10 days. In case of malfunctions that may occur during use of the products sold with a Warranty Certificate, the product should be sent to the authorized technical services by the BUYER for the necessary repair within the warranty conditions. The SELLER has the right to cancel the order, without giving a reason, by returning the order amount paid by the BUYER with the same payment method.
10. Characteristics of the Goods / Services Subject to the Contract:

Advance Sale Amount: # # ORDER_PESIN

Payment Method: # # ODEME_SEKLI

Sales Amount
11. Payment Plan:
In case the BUYER makes purchases with a credit card and in installments, the installment form chosen from the site is valid. In installment transactions, the relevant provisions of the contract signed between the BUYER and the cardholder bank are valid. The credit card payment date is determined by the contract between the bank and the BUYER. The BUYER can also track the number of installments and payments from the bank statement sent by the bank.
12_1. Right of Withdrawal:
The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods, without taking any legal or criminal responsibility and without giving any reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the goods subject to the contract to himself or to the person or organization at the address indicated. However, in this case, there should be no situations that will prevent the sale of the product to be returned in any way (unopened, not destroyed, unused box, accessory, etc. document label lost or not deformed, etc.). The SELLER returns the valuable papers, if any, within 10 (ten) days after the withdrawal statement is received, and receives the return of the goods within 20 (twenty) days.
13. Goods / Services for which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised:
Goods that cannot be returned due to their nature, goods that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the BUYER or that are personalized by making changes or additions and cannot be returned due to their nature.
14. State of Default and Its Legal Consequences:
In the event that the BUYER defaults on his credit card transactions, the cardholder will pay interest within the framework of the credit card agreement that the bank has made with him and will be liable to the bank.
15. Competent Court:
In disputes that may arise from this contract, Consumer Arbitration Committees, Consumer Courts in the BUYER'S and SELLER's settlements, and Civil Courts of First Instance are authorized in places where no Consumer Court can be found, up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
16. Enforcement of the Contract:
The contract does not eliminate the responsibility of the other party if one party does not comply with the terms of the contract, it contains provisions that bind both parties and its provisions.
17. Commencement of Contract:
This contract begins with the completion of the order by the Customer on the SELLER website. The fact that the payment process has not yet been completed by the customer does not cancel the terms of the contract.
18. With the order contract, the SELLER's approval to contact the BUYER via electronic bulletin, e-mail, telephone, sms channels
With this contract, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted to be informed about all campaigns, discount opportunities, surveys and information to be sent to determine product and customer satisfaction by the SELLER after this date, via electronic bulletin, e-mail, telephone and sms, after confirming the order contract.
19. The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that, together with the order contract, he has read the terms of the contract and is informed and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment.