Sustainability is one of the most valuable issues for us as Slush Jobs. For us, beyond being a brand purpose; The aim is to be aware of the vital values ​​and to continue our life with the least damage during the time we spend in the world, and even to provide as little benefit as we can.

Natural Ingredients

We are aware that we are responsible for nature. That's why it's one of our key efforts to limit our impact on the world while respecting it. We try to ensure that the production of our collections consists of natural materials as much as possible. We continue to expand our Organic Cotton product range. We take great care to use recycled polyester in our products that use polyester. Although this is not a cheap process, we work for this purpose in the long term as much as we can, and this is how we determine our brand behavior. We prepare our production options, fabric research and methods such as dye and embroidery used in design for this purpose.

Limited Quantity

We try to control our carbon footprint as well as our water and energy consumption throughout production. Instead of re-dying the fabrics in my collection, we pay attention to choosing existing fabrics and re-evaluating our surplus fabrics. We manufacture all of our parts in limited numbers, which means the parts you acquire are valuable special pieces. We stay away from the concept of fast fashion, so we avoid waste of production. We support clothing suitable for long use with quality products.

Digital Design

We design all of our products digitally and make sure designs are perfected before they are produced. This minimizes the amount of samples that need to be prepared.

Packaging and Return-Exchange Processes

We prepare our products with recycled and reusable packages rather than single-use plastic bags at the shipping stage. We also use cardboard boxes. You can also reuse our zippered bags according to your needs. We try to minimize the amount of product returned to us, as shipping of products contributes to high CO2 emissions. Before purchasing the products, users can review the size charts on our website and choose the most suitable one for their own body, and by preventing such confusion, we try to both prevent problems and reduce CO2 emissions.