Our Story


For us, design is an important part of life. As a team that believes that long-lasting and grounded designs make life meaningful; It has become indispensable for us to strengthen every step we take on this path we have embarked on. Despite the sector we are in, we strive to live and produce as differently and consciously as we can "without losing our respect for life".


As we always say, SJ-BOLDERS is a community, a culture. We support a productive life together, we believe that we have things to say to life...Since we support a sustainable and clean life cycle, we produce clothes that do not harm the nature, are designed for quality and long use. We inspect the working conditions of the manufacturers we work with, we value rights and we believe in diversity.We do not support buying more, we know that very beautiful styles can be created for a long time with less, we design products in special styles so that you can make a wide variety of combinations.We aim to be original and make SJ-BOLDERS, our community, unique with our collections that prioritize the idea of story in limited production and design.We aim to combine the concepts of culture and art by creating a sense of belonging with our stories and fabric technology, just as we say in our slogan MAKE BOLD TO NEW, WE COURAGE THE NEW!With the happiness of being accepted to international platforms as a brand, we strive to make a difference with our stance in the fashion industry.


We act with the awareness that fashion is one of the sectors polluting the world. We produce without harming nature and vitality, and we prevent harm as much as possible.We support slow fashion, and instead of breathing into this balloon, which is inflated by producing hundreds of clothes every season, we enter the seasons late and make collections with a small number of products. We deal with sustainable life not only with materials, but also with the whole life cycle and branches.We happily state that toxic substances are not used in our products, that (even if little) polyester is used, it is definitely recycled, that our product packages are recycled, that our employees are entitled to work and work under the conditions they should be.We do our awareness projects not to make us feel comfortable, but because we believe in the importance of making life meaningful.Every season, we either develop social awareness projects or donate to non-governmental organizations. With our stance, we name diversity to encompass the whole of life.


We enthusiastically greet SJ-PARTNERS as a result of the above mentioned SJ-BOLDERS and SJ-PLANET values.We prioritize solution partnership in every step we take… Acting together is an effect that strips us of and makes us enjoy the process.Partnerships are the only support that gives us encouragement and strength… From R&D to production, from models to photography studios, from video shooting agencies, from makeup artists to our friends who support us in the process, from distribution team to customer relations, everyone is a teammate for us. We define SJ-PARTNERS as SJ-BOLDERS, who buys few but high quality products at the same time and puts fashion into their lives in this way. We prefer high quality products suitable for long-term use and support consumption as needed, and live accordingly.

What We Find Valuable

As Slush Jobs, we value nature and people.
● As a brand, we care about the rights of our employees and offer a good working environment,
● We check that the working conditions of the manufacturers we work with are good.
● Since we attach importance to product quality and life, we do not prefer the cheapest prices. We work at fair prices.
● We do not work with hazardous or polluting substances.
● We separate our waste and try to limit waste. We evaluate our excess fabrics.

● We prefer to use recycled materials in our productions.
● We obtain the necessary certificates.
● We do social responsibility projects. We donate to non-governmental organizations / foundations that defend nature and animal rights.

Dedicated to the concept of customer satisfaction, we act beyond satisfying everyone, namely SJ-BOLDERS, who has entered our community, shopped from us, or is considering doing something, or just falls under his radar.We express that there is no need to talk about issues such as returns and exchanges. There are two reasons for this: First, we stand behind our product quality and designs, we know you will love it. The second is as we should all know; All the rights of the buyers / customers are reserved in all companies and they have to give their rights to you. You can return the item to us without explanation within 14 days. You can return or exchange defective defective products if you encounter them. You can complete these processes quickly and easily by sending us an e-mail.