Quality production in the fashion industry

Quality production in the fashion industry

Quality production does not only affect the brand. Conscious, environmentally friendly and quality production processes contribute to both the sustainability of the brand and the establishment of sustainable systems for life.

As Slush Jobs, we are sensitive both in our products and working methods for quality and sustainable business management. The textile industry is a multi-level and cascading industry. In this sense, fair working conditions are of course as essential as in other sectors. Due to our worldview and ideals, we support fair working conditions from our colleagues working in the manufacturing stage to our colleagues in office processes and our colleagues from whom we receive third party services.

As Slush Jobs brand, we believe that life should progress in a fair cycle and that we have important responsibilities as a brand and we work for this as much as we can. The quality of our products is very valuable both for our brand stance and for supporting a sustainable fashion industry. We guarantee that each product will last a very long time with proper use. We know that long use is extremely important and we think that quality products should be preferred in order to prevent too much shopping.

We are happy to inform you that our return rate is 3%, which is not due to production quality or faulty products, but due to size mismatch. In addition, we know that we are one of the brands that 67% of the users who adopt our brand and shop with us are constantly shopping. The reports we issue every quarter to audit ourselves support that we are in a pleasing situation in this sense and that we are working to make this sustainable and reach better places.

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